Since graduating from the Cornell ILR School in 1992, and U. Pennsylvania Law School in 1995, Mr. Glass had worked as a state and federal appellate law clerk, an arbitrator and mediator, an Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of New York in general litigation and labor and employment matters, and as inhouse counsel to UFT/NYSUT.

Since 2009, Mr. Glass's private law firm has provided legal advice, counseled and/or represented hundreds of individual teachers in federal and state court litigations and appeals, Section 3020-a hearings, Part 83 proceedings, PERB and SDHR matters, unemployment hearings, Section 3020-a hearings, LODI and Section 2568 medical appointments, and time and attendance hearings, among other things.

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"A Lawyer's Guide To Teacher Rights and Responsibilities in New York State"

100 Church Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10007
(212) 537-6859
(914) 202-0300


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Specialties include:
-Section 3020-a defense of tenure rights (incompetency, corporal punishment, verbal abuse, etc.)
-Article 75 proceedings and appeals
-Article 78 proceedings and appeals
-Commissioner of Education appeals
-Discrimination/retaliation/Title VII/ADEA/ADA cases before CCHR/SDHR/EEOC administrative agencies and federal and state courts
-Grievance advice
-Ineligible inquiry list inquiries
-Medical Bureau inquiries
-Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) defense
-Office of Special Investigation (OSI) defense
-Special Commissioner of Investigation (SCI) defense
-Part 83 state certification proceedings
-PERB proceedings
-Probationary terminations and discontinuances
-Tenure by estoppel issues
-Time and attendance proceedings/FMLA defense
-Unemployment hearing defense
-U rating appeals advice

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

NYC Teacher Challenges U Rating Based on Corporal Punishment in Court and Wins

Corporal Punishment Claim Against Brooklyn Teacher Is Overturned, NYT, 5/28/09, A22

Glenn Storman gets U rating overturned in NYS Supreme Court

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