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"A Lawyer's Guide To Teacher Rights and Responsibilities in New York State"

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Specialties include:
-Section 3020-a defense of tenure rights (incompetency, corporal punishment, verbal abuse, etc.)
-Article 75 proceedings
-Article 78 proceedings
-Commissioner of Education appeals
-Discrimination/retaliation/Title VII/ADEA/ADA cases before CCHR/SDHR/EEOC administrative agencies and federal and state courts
-Grievance advice
-Ineligible inquiry list inquiries
-Medical Bureau inquiries
-Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) defense
-Office of Special Investigation (OSI) defense
-Special Commissioner of Investigation (SCI) defense
-Part 83 state certification proceedings
-PERB proceedings
-Probationary terminations and discontinuances
-Tenure by estoppel issues
-Time and attendance proceedings/FMLA defense
-Unemployment hearing defense
-U rating appeals advice

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Sunday, March 31, 2013 Beleaguered? Not Teachers, Poll on ‘Well-Being’ Finds

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Beleaguered? Not Teachers, Poll on 'Well-Being' Finds


Contrary to public perceptions that teachers are unhappy and demoralized, a Gallup survey measuring job satisfaction found that the instructors ranked second only to physicians.

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