Thursday, October 6, 2016

Teacher's Lawyer helps another teacher get their job back

Middle school gossip should not be permitted to ruin a 13 year stellar career. In a 3020-a hearing, an arbitrator terminated a 13 year physical education teacher, despite the DOE's poor evidence. The teacher retained our firm and we filed an Article 75 to vacate his termination. Justice was delayed, but finally served.  Our firm was able to argue for the teacher and the Supreme Court of New York County reversed the arbitrator's decision. Bryan D. Glass, Esq. and Jordan F. Harlow. Esq.

The court's decision states:

"Based on all the circumstances of the case, including the lack of any prior allegations of misconduct against petitioner during 13 years of service and the fact that the misconduct does 
not violate any specific rule or regulation, we find the penalty of termination sufficiently disproportionate to the offenses to shock the conscience (see Lackow v Department of Educ. [or “Board”] of City of N.Y., 51 AD3d 563, 569 [1st Dept 2008])."

If you, or someone you know, was terminated or fined, or is need of representation at a 3020-a hearing, please fill out the form on our website

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